The Growth of the International Football Organization (FIFA)

According to, FIFA is an international organization focused on regulating football and spreading its inclusivity and accessibility to all countries and peoples of the world. FIFA has grown to become the second largest international body in the world in terms of membership in the association. Based on the book Basic Football Teaching Materials, the establishment of FIFA was supported by the first seven countries, namely France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. The FIFA President serves for 4 years. As the first president was Guirin from France. FIFA initially only held the World Cup competition for men to strengthen ties between countries in the world. Now the World Cup is also held for women. Even the World Cup is also held for several age classes, such as U-17 and U-20.

The Influence of Football on Media and Technology

Many developments in media mtn view football and technology have occurred due to the influence of many sectors, one of which is football. the need for information about football is getting higher because of the large number of football fans. The media also compete with each other to present the most interesting information so that the information presentation is even more diverse. Clubs also need media technology for their business interests, namely by providing pay-TV broadcasts, official product buying and selling sites, to providing activity schedule updates and information about the club.

In the field of technology, football needs it even more. This is done so that the competition is more transparent and fair. So then technology developed such as VAR (Video Assistant Referee), balls with motion sensors, special cameras to find out the offside position or the ball crossed the line.

The Purpose of the Football Game

Reporting from, the main goal of the players when playing soccer is to score as many goals or scores as possible which of course must be done according to predetermined conditions. Apart from that, the team also has to prevent conceding goals.

Basic Rules of the Game of Football

There are several basic rules in the game of soccer. Reporting from Basic Football Teaching Materials, there are 17 basic rules that must be known. These rules include the following.

Rules about the football field.
Rules for using the ball.
Rules for the number of players.
Equipment rules used by players.
Referee rules.
Rules regarding assistant referees.
Rules related to the length of time the game.
Rules on how to start a match.
Ball rules in and out of play.
Rules how to score goals.
Offside rule.
Rules regarding infractions and disrespect.
Free kick rules.
Rules regarding penalty kicks.
The rules regarding the throw-in.
Rules regarding corner kicks.
Goal kick rules.

So, that was a complete explanation of the history and evolution of football from ancient times to today. You now also know how football is developing in the country. Hope it’s useful!