Indian Restaurant in Jakarta, Often Visited by Native Indians!

Known for its rich spices, many people love Indian food, but not Indonesians. Its distinctive aroma is believed to be one of the attractions of Indian cuisine. According to an Indian chef from the Pullman Central Park Hotel Jakarta, the reason why Indian food has a distinctive, even sharp aroma, is because the spices used are too much. The colors and textures of Indian food also change because of these spices. the page here

You don’t have to go all the way to India if you want to enjoy this spice-rich food. As a megapolitan city, Jakarta also provides lots of Indian restaurants that you should try. Some of them may be close to your residence or apartment.

1. Fez-Kinara Dining plus Lounge

Those of you who live in Kemang area may be familiar with this restaurant that provides a wide variety of dishes from India and the Middle East. Located on Jl. Kemang Raya No. 78 B, while all it takes to get to the Fez-Kirana Dining plus Lounge restaurant is only 10 minutes by car if you live in Kemang Village.

In Indian, Kinara means edge or meeting place. This restaurant is actually a meeting place and the perfect mix of elegant places for entertainment and culinary experiences. You can start your Indian culinary experience with a vegetable Samosa. Then followed by the delicacy of typical Indian curry dishes. Kulfi ice cream and various kinds of Indian milk-based drinks can also be a special dessert for you.

2. Queen’s of India

In terms of taste, the dishes at Queen’s of India are undoubtedly delicious. The restaurant contained in Sunlake Hotel, Jl. Danau Permai Raya, Sunter, Jakarta serves a wide variety of Indian specialties. Starting from Paneer Sizzler, Sate Mock Duck Veg, Dum Matka Biryani Veg, Naan bread, Malai Kofta Sabzi to Butter Chicken which is famous for its creamy taste and seductive aroma, everything is here. You don’t have to worry if it’s your first time tasting Indian food, because all the menus in this restaurant are guaranteed to be delicious.

3. Hazaras

For those of you who are interested in dishes from North India, this Hazara restaurant located in Menteng is suitable to be one of your choices. It only takes 11 minutes to drive if you want to reach this place from Menteng Park.

One of the mainstay menus at Hazara restaurant is Kasmiri Pullao Rice. This dish is ideal if consumed during cold weather, such as in Kashmir. Usually Kashmiri Pullao Rice is cooked with nuts and fruits like pineapple, apple and pomegranate. Can include added dried fruit and nuts such as raisins, almonds, pistachios, walnuts to cashews.