Types of Lodging whose Names are Still Quite Foreign

When on vacation out of town or on a staycation, we generally need an area to stay. There are various types of accommodation that you can choose according to your budget and needs. The most frequently used are hotels and hostels. However, do you understand other types of inns whose names are still quite foreign to your ears? Maybe you don’t know it and haven’t tried it until now. Even though it can be a fun place to stay in eagle river inn co!

Let’s take a look at the various types of lodging that you can choose from. Some are inexpensive because they provide standard services, some are relatively expensive because the facilities are more complete. Here’s a comparison~

1. Guesthouses

offers a family condition because you can live with the owner. So you can feel the life of local residents. Usually, guesthouses are held in a family and more traditional way. You will live with the owner so you can experience the local lifestyle. The design of the bedroom and breakfast at the guesthouse also seems more homey.

2. Bed & Breakfast

As the name implies, Bed & Breakfast provides an area to stay as well as breakfast. The place is relatively simple Usually Bed & Breakfast is housed in a well-arranged residence. So the atmosphere is warm and comfortable. Unlike the guesthouse, Bed & Breakfast provides a more professional service. The bed and breakfast uses a hotel plan so you can feel even more pampered here.

3. Resorts

Resorts have standards like hotels, but their recreational services are more complete. So feel like a real holiday! Usually resorts are built in tourist locations such as beaches or mountains. The standard of lodging is more or less like a hotel. The difference is, the resort has a lot of recreational services and complete. This luxury causes resort prices to be more expensive than hotels.

4. Villas

Want to have a busy vacation with family or friends? Villa is the right choice because you can rent one place to live at a time. Usually this type of lodging is in the mountains or the beach. The difference with resorts, villas are more private and far from the crowds. Villa is a residence with one or more bedrooms, living area, family area, kitchen, even a swimming pool. This is perfect for staying with family or a group of friends!

5. cottages

If you choose a cottage, you can feel the sensation of staying in a small cottage. The atmosphere is considered calm and comfortable. Cottages are generally in the form of small huts built separately. So you and your vacation friends can occupy one of your own cottages. Usually cottages are built in beautiful and quiet areas so that visitors can have a peaceful vacation. No wonder the budget for staying in cottages is higher than hotels.