Cafe in Jakarta with a unique, cute, and Instagramable theme

We all love delicious and filling food. Especially if we can enjoy these foods in a dining area that offers unique conditions. Dining in places that present a unique decor and atmosphere is the best way to escape the humdrum normality. If you’re in Jakarta and confused about where you like to eat, chances are these cool places to eat can be your choice. We provide suggestions for dining areas with unique, cute, cool, and Instagrammable themes and decorations that you should try sahara pasadena!

1. Balinese atmosphere in the center of Jakarta: Kokonut plus Curtains

The outdoor dining area is actually the choice of many people nowadays. So, if an outdoor restaurant with a tropical Balinese feel is sure to make you more interested, right? The plus point is that Kokonut plus Curtains is very strategically located in the center of Jakarta. Try stopping by in the late afternoon so the sun doesn’t get too hot. The gentle breeze immediately pampers every guest who comes. Wow, I feel like I’m back on vacation!

According to the name of the place, if you’re here, you need to order young coconut! Every drop of young coconut water that enters the mouth becomes so fresh, just right to be enjoyed in the middle of Jakarta’s hot air. Regarding food, the menu here is quite varied. Want to find typical Indonesian food, Asian, to western, there are also. So if you stop by during the weekend, you have the opportunity to sample the Nasi Campur and Banana Bread menu.

2. White and blue Santorini in east Jakarta: Dos Hermanos Coffee & Cigar

Can’t afford to travel abroad? No problem! Just try stopping by the Dos Hermanos Coffee & Cigar cafe, it’s guaranteed to be able to treat your longing with Santorini. White and blue colors dominate every corner of the cafe. Forget for a moment the traffic jams on the streets of Jakarta because the atmosphere is very much like in real Santorini. Oh yes, don’t forget to order the Cheese Burger and Amboina Blue. Then you can enjoy it while watching the sea view on the mural accompanied by live music. Yummy!

3. Hanging out at a Balinese-style cafe, complete with sandy beaches!: Hey Beach!

Who doesn’t feel like having a vacation to the beach yesterday? Don’t worry, just invite your good friends to Hey Beach!
Beach sand in some areas, swings, decorations, and the atmosphere makes you feel like you’re back in Bali, even though it’s only in Pluit. The place is really cool for hanging out with friends or taking pictures. To keep it cool longer, try the peach blossom drink which is really fresh. Oh yes, the various processed lobsters that are provided here are no less delicious, you know. And there are countless package options that can be eaten together. Kuy!