DISADVANTAGES OF FACE TO FACE LEARNING — Choosing the right form of learning is important for the academic growth of student. Though face to face learning is the traditional form of learning, this article is to show the downside of face to face learning.



Face to face learning prisonersamongus.com is an expensive form of learning. This is not the case with online learning where the cost is affordable. Tuition fees are high in reputed institution. There are other costs that come along with tuition fee as well. This can be a burden for students with unstable economics background.


Travel time can be a huge problem for students. This also adds to additional cost in the form of transport expense.


There are no choices for students with respect to face to face learning. Timings of classes have to be strictly followed by the students. Students face difficulties balancing their part time jobs, hobbies and classes at the same time.

Pace of learning

Pace of learning is determined by the teachers and not the students in classroom learning. The pace is determined by the understanding of majority. Some students might have difficulties in grasping concepts. It can also happen vice versa when a student has great grasping skills but needs to go with the pace of the majority.

Limited Teacher-to-Student Feedback

One of the main features of traditional learning is positivemomdiary.com the instant feedback teachers give to their students. While in a conventional classroom environment, this feedback can come quickly, whereas, with e-learning, this possibility is limited.

Students can come to their teacher with their problems and can get them resolved instantly during the lecture or the dedicated hours. Personalized feedback is essential for students as it positively impacts them. It also makes the learning process richer and boosts the morale of the students.